Shiny Hands Car-wash was established in 2003 in Oadby , Leicester by Mr Selami Cokaj , a pragmatic and astute business and family man of Albanian origin, who envisioned the whole project for his son’s Mergim , Mohammed, Khaled and Sabah Selami , then built it from scratch into the business it is today. His ability to recognize an opportunity, or dream a dream and then make it a reality, are some of the reasons for his success. The expertise and capable skills of Selami allowed him to develop Shiny Hands Car-wash from just an idea, to a fully-operational business. From  finding the location and securing it where it used to be a junk yard , he turned it around cleaned out the whole area and poured in the foundations, He literally helped build it! He purchased everything himself ( at competitive prices) starting from the bricks and mortar and then worked side-by-side with the workers until it became a fully- standing structure. With Selami, you get the whole package…..From designing, to building ,to purchasing all materials and equipment required, to hiring and training employees and then also branding and marketing. Cokaj has helped people by giving them ideas on businesses to start and then helping them bring these ideas into fruition while they were in the comfort of their homes. Not only that , but the backbone and key to the continued success of Shiny Hands Car-wash is the not just the dedicated and professional team he hand-selected, but Cokaj’s insistence on running the business with friendly and family-like values. As a result, Shiny Hands Car-wash is often praised not just for its services, but also for its community and employee relations. The team comes with a wealth of experience, not only in car washing, professionalism and technical ability, but also in customer service.

Now Shiny® Carwash is a recognised brand and is the best carwash in Leicestershire from the quality of the products , machinery used to the amazing service of your car. The second phase of the project was to expand adding a new service  once everything was in order and that was opening an Elite Valeting service where car owners can give their vehicles a complete overhaul and bring it back to as it was rolled off the car shop. Again another successful phase always adding and improving to grow the business in a tangible way calculating the profit and loss making sure no extra overheads to keep the staff happy and the business successful.

So if you need any advice on how to grow your business , then Mr Selami is the consultant for you . Contact him now >

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