Selami Cokaj’s pride and joy is Joy Coffee bar ! Established from scratch for his son’s, it is a place he built for people to seek sanctuary and enjoy the relaxing ambience and aromatic coffees. An addition to his list of successful ventures, Selami proudly built Joy Coffee using his own two hands and worked in its construction and setting up right from design to implementation. As one of Mr Cokaj’s  killer tactics , he started Joy as a business idea to allow both businesses to compliment each other ; Shiny Carwash and Joy coffee bar. All procurement, labour and processes were carried out by Cokaj’s capable leadership. People go to Joy Coffee bar for its “killer” desserts and “to die for” coffees! A place where no one should feel left out, there’s also a vegan menu! As with all of his businesses, Joy Coffee is established with the same family values. So, when it comes to baristas and staff, it’s like coming home……You enjoy the very friendly atmosphere with people who only want you to be comfortable! That’s the kind of family /businessman, Selami Cokaj is .

business by slam Cokaj