Strategic Thinking

Selami Cokaj also added to his main location in Oadby  on the same grounds of the Shiny Hand carwash and Joy Coffee Bar , a local elite mens Barber Shop, it is a place he built for people to seek a well done fine haircut in a very nice setting . The mirrors are backlit and use state oft he art barber chairs . An addition to his list of successful ventures, Selami proudly built Shiny Clippers  using his own two hands, the help of his sons and worked in its construction and setting up right from design to implementation. Just to show how Mr Cokaj has  killer business tactics . Allowing now three businesses to compliment each other ; Shiny Carwash , Joy coffee bar and Shiny Clippers. All procurement of materials , labour and processes were carried out by Cokaj’s capable leadership and also personnel allocation from solicitors to accountants. People can now get the Car washed and go to Joy Coffee bar for its “killer” desserts and “to die for” coffees or to the barber shop [for the men] , while waiting! A place where no one should feel left out. As with all of his businesses, you enjoy the very friendly atmosphere with people who only want you to be comfortable! That’s the kind of family /businessman, Selami Cokaj is .