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Selami Cokaj, grew up in Albania to a regular loving household, running-magnificence circle of relatives, and didn’t recognise anything else living in the Albanian Alps . Taught to preserve tradition, and pursue the traditional white-collar direction of helping the family made him very family focused .

One thing that defines Mr Cokaj, it’s that once he knows what he wants, he's going after it absolutely and vigorously.

The first few businesses he started while young and ambitious and trustworthy of others, had failure points which only led to a a learning curve.

If you don't fail then you don’t prevail...

Now the Albanian businessman ,  Mr Selami Cokaj , has build many successful businesses and helped others grow as well.


What I do for You & Your Company

Mr Cokaj has managed  senior management into becoming great leaders. He has led major change projects, business transfers, HR transformation, restructures and mergers as well as setting up startups.

Client engagements include:

Advice & support on safely and legally managing grievance, disciplinary and dismissal matters.
Providing management advice in essential employment to reduce conflict and protect from costly employment tribunal claims.
Through her pragmatic approach to business Selami Cokaj has delivered solutions to address complex business performance issues and implemented commercially-viable cost effective business models,  that achieve high performance cultures, leadership succession and innovative strategies to attract and retain talent.

Selami possesses excellent interpersonal and multicultural skills with a deep understanding of diversity and shifting demographics. He is particularly adept at developing ways to encourage employee engagement and methods to promote common business goals and commitment amongst staff. He believes that keeping people informed about what is going on in the organisation is critical and directly translates to bottom line performance, thus helping our clients to increase an engaged workforce who are more likely to act as organisational advocates and can play a powerful role in promoting their organisation as an employer of choice.

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